Divrei Torah
Divrei Torah from Shaya Gross z'l

[Editor’s note: As a memory of my beloved brother Shaya, I would like to continue sending
out his pearls of wisdom that he has shared with all of you in the past. For some of you
this may ring a bell and for others it may appear to be totally new. May the learning of
Shaya’s Divrei Torah inspire us to change our ways and thereby give an Aliya to the
neshama of our dear beloved Shaya whom we miss so much.
A special thank you to
Aaron Friedman for always looking over the divrei torah.

On each of the six days of creation [with the exception of the second day; see the
commentaries as to why], the Torah says "and G-d saw that it was good." However, at the
end of the sixth day, the passuk says "And G-d saw all that he had made and behold it
was VERY good." What is the reason for this emphasis of "VERY" good for the sixth day?

G-d did not create everything at once; rather, he made the world and it's inhabitants
gradually, and after each day, he was happy with what he created. But at the end of the
week, G-d LOOKED BACK at the WHOLE week of creation, and G-d saw all that He
made and it was very good.

Perhaps the Torah is teaching us an important lesson. When one embarks on a goal,
such as overcoming an addiction or working on a character trait, it takes time to make
significant progress. Every day you work at it and make some progress, but it is a slow
and gradual process. An important key to success is to take the opportunity after time
has passed [a week, a month…], to look back at all that you have done, and then you will
realize that you have truly accomplished a lot. That will give you the inspiration to keep
pushing forward to the ultimate success.

[Editor's Note: As I was reviewing Shaya's Dvar Torah, it struck me that this is a perfect
lesson for us. We have just finished the Yom Tov of Succos, which is followed by
Simchas Torah. Simchas Torah is the completion of the reading of the Torah, which was
read Parsha by Parsha starting with this week's Parsha. As we celebrate Simchas Torah
each year, we should also reflect on all that is in the Torah that we read and learned that
year. I once heard that one reason Isru Chag is so special is because it is a day to reflect
on what we gained from the past Yom Yov and what we will take with us for the coming

We have almost finished a month filled with uplifting Yomim Tovim. Let us take the time
now to reflect on what we have gained from this past month and try to renew our Kaballas
that we took on in the beginning of the month. With this, we will hopefully merit to have a
fantastic year of growth in connecting to Hashem and we will IY”H merit to have a happy
healthy and prosperous new year!

Have a wonderful Shabbos!]

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