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Divrei Torah from Shaya Gross z'l

[Editor’s note: As a memory of my beloved brother Shaya, I would like to continue sending
out his pearls of wisdom that he has shared with all of you in the past. For some of you
this may ring a bell and for others it may appear to be totally new. May the learning of
Shaya’s Divrei Torah inspire us to change our ways and thereby give an Aliya to the
neshama of our dear beloved Shaya whom we miss so much.] The views and opinions
expressed in this article are those solely of its author(s).

Big Things Start Small
In this week’s Parsha, Parshas Bamidbar, the Torah enumerates the number of men in
Shevet Binyamin right next to the amount of men in Shevet Dan. As with everything in the
Torah, this is significant, and has a profound lesson for all of us.

Dan only had one child, a son named Chushim, who was hard of hearing. Binyamin had
ten healthy sons. An observer at the time might have said or thought to himself that not
much will come of Dan's Shevet. They will surely be very few, and certainly in comparison
to Shevet Binyamin.

The Torah tells us that in actuality, it was just the contrary; through Binyamin's ten sons,
Binyamin's descendants numbered 35,400 men, while Dan's Shevet had almost double, a
staggering 62,700! The lesson is clear; never give up on any child [and teenager or adult
for that matter], as big things start small!

The above I heard in the name of the Chofetz Chaim.

‘Big things start small’ is an idea that can be applied not only in the physical world, but in
the spiritual world as well.When one starts to improve oneself spiritually, even in small
ways, if one is persistent and steady it can morph into big changes.

Being that Rosh Chodesh has just passed, this is the opportune time to get off to a fresh
start in working to improve ourselves, and into being better and more special people.

May we all work slowly but surely, on improving our relationship to Hashem and in keeping
the Mitzvos, and may those small changes transform into large improvements; as we head
toward the Yom Tov of Shavuos where we will relive the special covenant between us and

Editor: Baruch Leib Gross
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