Bais Medrash Shomrei Mishmeres Hakodesh

Continuation of the Great Jewish Orthodox Synagogue in Baltimore
Over a century ago, a Shul known to many as Shomrei Mishmeres or the Lloyd
Street synagogue was established in downtown Baltimore, functioning as a
center for Jewish orthodoxy in Maryland from 1905-1963. Its spiritual leader,
Rabbi Avraham Schwartz, becomes known as the "chief rabbi" of the Orthodox
East European Jewish community. Shomrei Mishmeres occupies the
Synagogue until disbanding in the 1950s.

In October of 2006, Rabbi Chaim Schwartz, grandson and namesake of one of
the three trustees of Shomrei Mishmeres, Hyman S. Schwartz, opens a Bais
Medrash on Strathmore Ave., in the upper Park Heights area, to resurrect the
name and mission of Shomrei Mishmeres Hakodesh.

New Location:
2821 West Strathmore Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209

Nusach: Ashkenaz

R' Yosef Horowitz
R' Tzvi Willner
R' Menachem Youlus

Video of our 1st Hachnossas Sefer Torah
Donated on 26 Nissan, 5768 (May 1, 2008)
by Dr. & Mrs. Ian Shuman & Family.
The Sefer Torah was rescued from
Pre-war Dombrova, Poland. Dombrova is the place of the Shuman
family's maternal & paternal ancestry. Lained from, for the very 1st
time after 80 years of being hidden, by Daniel Shuman (a great,
great grandson), in honor of his Bar Mitzvah on the 28th of Nissan,
5768 (May 3, 2008).
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