Shevat 4, 5778, January 20, 2018

SHABBOS SCHEDULE  Shaya Gross z'l Torah
Candles/Licht - 4:54 PM
Mincha - 4:55 PM
Dor L'Dor Learning - 8:00-8:35 PM
**This Week's Sponsor: Mr. & Mrs. David Eagle l'n Fayge
Rochel bas Yitzchok Yehuda**
Halacha Shiur - No Shiur This Week
Shacharis - 8:45 AM (s'z Krias Shema 9:50 AM)
Daf Yomi - 3:45 PM
Mincha - 4:30 PM
Maariv - 5:56 PM (72 min 6:26 PM)
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רוקח לשבת: ותכחד: שתימנע

Likutei Maharan Chabura w/Rabbi Nasan Maimon - 9:30 AM
Mincha/Maariv - 5:00 PM

- Special thanks to Rabbi Naftoli Edinger for laining this Shabbos.
- Special thanks to Rabbi Pinchas Eliezer Schwartz for giving the Daf Yomi this Shabbos.
- Special
thanks to Mr. & Mrs. David Eagle for sponsoring Dor L'Dor Learning this Shabbos l'n
Fayge Roche bas Yitzchok Yehuda
- Please join us for
Dor L'Dor learning Friday Nights in the winter. 8:00-8:35 PM sushi, prizes! This is
an expensive endeavor.
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Jan 22 CJE
Aleph-Bet Yoga - Twist your body into the shapes of Hebrew letters & themes at the CJE Library every
month! $5 per child for ages 2-6 years old.  Monday, January 22- 4:30pm to 5:15pm.  Go to https:
// to register and for additional upcoming dates.

Jan 25 CJE
Ahava Family Craft Night - Spend the evening with other first-time parents making your own mezuzah
cover for your baby's nursery.  $15/person Thursday, January 25- 7-9:00pm at the Center for Jewish
Education.  For more info and to register,

Jan 27 CJE
PJ Our Way Invites You To Havdallah with Beth Israel. Saturday, January 27 7:00-8:30PM at Beth
Israel Congregation. Join us as we close out Shabbat with friends, music, food and fun!  Separate
activities for kids ages 8-12 and for their parents.  Register here https://www.cjebaltimore.
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