Elul 7, 5778, Aug 18, 2018

SHABBOS SCHEDULE  Shaya Gross z'l Torah
Mincha - 7:00 PM
Candles - After 6:
34 PM before 7:30 PM / Shekia - 7:59 PM
Halacha Shiur - 8
:25 AM
Shacharis - 8:45 AM
(s'z Krias Shema 9:47 AM)
Daf Yomi - 6:30 PM
Dor L'Dor Learning - 6:45 PM
Mincha - 7:15 PM
Maariv - 8:
39 PM (72 min 9:09 PM)
Check Eruv Hotline at 410-358-3788

רוקח לשבת: אותם מלא ו׳ כי גרגשי פנה ‏‏

Likutei Maharan Chabura w/Rabbi Nasan Maimon - 9:30 AM
Mincha/Maariv - 7:
45 PM

- Special thanks to Rabbi Naftoli Edinger for Laining this Shabbos.
Mazel Tov to Ami & Atara Klein on the birth of a baby boy this week. Mazel Tov to the
Mr. & Mrs. Bentzion Luchansky and the entire family. The Shalom Zachor will be this
Friday night at the
Luchansky's after 9:45 PM at 6107 Benhurst Rd.
- Yomim Noraim Seats -
Please book your seats for Yomim Noraim by sending an email to Members $90/seat Non-Members $120/seat. Membership is $250
Payments can be made online at donations or person check payable to: Cong. Shomrei Mishmeres.

Special Thanks to our donors. May Hashem grant you much success in all of your endeavors:
- Mr. & Mrs. David Eagle - Membership Donation
- D
r. & Mrs. Jeremy Gradon - Aliyah Donation
- Rabbi & Mrs. Yaakov Lipsky - Aliyah Donation
- Mr. David Myers - General Donation
- Mr. & Mrs. Neil Rauch - General Donation
- Rabbi & Mrs. Yonah Sklare
- ALiyah Donation

For opportunities to donate and/or to sponsor a weekly event - Kiddush, Dor L'Dor Learning, &
Shabbos Daf Yomi, please see
donations (VISA, MC, PayPal accepted).

Endless Summer BBQ.  Home of Ner Tamid’s first Colors-of Summer Fun Run!
Sunday August 26, 2018.  3 – 6 pm @ Ner Tamid Congregation, 6214 Pimlico Road, Baltimore, MD
21209 Register by Wednesday August 22 for Special Pricing, $15 Adults, $8 Kids (10 and under),
$50 Family Max (immediate family only) After August 22 $18 Adults, $10 Kids (10 and under), $60
Family Max (immediate family only) Register at  For information or 410-358-6500. Raffle and door prizes.  Moon bounce, Slime making, petting
zoo, more crafts.

Chesed Fund - Mei Miriam
REMINDER! Mei Miriam, sponsored by The Chesed Fund & Project Ezra, is continuing to provide ice
cold water on Shabbos days that are 85 degrees or higher.  With over 25 gracious hosts throughout
our neighborhoods setting up Mei Miriam stations, make sure to pick a bottle of water and stay

Chaveirim Help w/Shiva Minyanim
Chaverim of Baltimore is proud to offer many critical services to our community.   One of these
services is helping aveilim manage their shiva minyanim.  Take advantage of a huge chessed
opportunity and help us relieve grieving families from the stress of making a minyan.  By signing up
for Chaverim's Minyan Alert What's App Group, you will get notified of minyanim in need of additional
men (notification through standard text message also available).  This streamlined, simple process
helps aveilim, while allowing fellow community members to help fulfill the mitzvah of making
a shiva minyan without receiving multiple texts and emails.  Please email CSMINYAN@GMAIL.COM
to join, or call the Chaverim hotline at 410-486-9000.  Chaverim is also looking for additional
dispatchers and response units to help meet the needs of our growing community.  All training
provided.  Call the Chaverim hotline or fill out an application online at
to apply.

CJE Education Around The World - July 25th, Aug 1st, Aug 8th
The Louise D. & Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education presents: "Travel" with us this
Summer! Bring a bagged lunch and take a journey around the world through the eyes of Baltimore’s
education professionals who traveled to other countries to learn about their school systems. They
will share educational practices that can transform your classroom! Mrs. Randi Orshan, Assistant
Principal at Ohr Chadash Academy, will kick-off the series with a presentation about her recent trip
to Finland to learn about its top rated educational system.  Wednesdays, July 25, August 1, August 8
from 12pm-1pm in the Macks Center for Jewish Education Library, 5708 Park Heights Ave.  To
register, go to

Meltzer Cut-Thru Changes
Beginning July 8, 2018, the Meltzer's cut through between Cheswolde Rd and WillowBrook
apartments will be closed during the week. This is being done per the request of many neighbors.
The cut through, be"H will continue to be open for Shabbos and Yontif.
Bais Medrash Shomrei Mishmeres Hakodesh
Weekly Schedule